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As long as your video is content rich and the audio is full of keywords (notice how Google runs text to speech on your android phone???? … they obviously ‘listen’ to videos too), Video SEO Marketing is really the way to go when it comes to your websites traffic and quality.

Video used for Search Engine Optimization carry a lot of weight with Google and Bing!

Video is a relatively new technology to search engine optimization (SEO) and, within the past few years, has changed from being another form of social media marketing and a link back to another tool to enhance ranks in a search engine. The primary difference separating these two uses of video is speech recognition technology, which, in 2008, has been brought to attention by Google.

Other tools used with speech recognition technology to optimize a video search are visual analysis and recognition and video optical recognition. Prior to the introduction of Google Audio Indexing, companies such as Blinkx and EveryZing had introduced search platforms in 2007 to search through videos based on the audio content of the videos in addition to the keyword content of title tags and descriptions.

Earlier than this, however, video SEO involved placing a video on a hosting website, such as YouTube or Google Video, and linking back to the original video page on their home website and, for search engine purposes, relied solely on metadata.

Utilizing video SEO for your search engine optimization campaign will allow you to stay ahead of the curve, as search engines like Google implement their universal search technologies.

Did you know that adding video to your website is the single best thing you can do for your SEO video marketing?

That isn’t the end of it, of course you still need expert descriptions (spun) for each site they are uploaded to… The videos should also be of varying lengths so they aren’t considered ‘duplicates’.

Additionally, those video links should be bookmarked AND included on Social Networks.

It isn’t as easy as creating and uploading it to YouTube (or Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) …

Proper descriptions in the sharing sites, keyword rich video titles, clear audio, and varying length videos are what really makes your site appear higher in the search engines…

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